Showing on the Cabell Screen March 20, 2024-April 19, 2024

A Place Called Home” will run concurrently with Coalescence, the 58th annual conference of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) meeting in Richmond March 20-23, 2024.

The theme of this exhibition is “home,” which can be interpreted in many ways. Experiences, the feeling of longing, memories of physical spaces, stories, people, familiar smells, nostalgia and tastes remind us of home. Artists considered this theme. The juried exhibition accepted submissions from undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in college and university programs during the spring 2024 semester.  (Image: I am my own house by Mia Irizerry)

The Cabell Screen venue rounds out the conference experience by providing a digital exhibition format viewable continuously throughout the conference. 

 “A Place Called Home” directly relates to the conference theme by providing a platform for student artists to consider how their own interpretations of home exist and live alongside those of other artists, according to the exhibition organizer Cynthia Myron,  who chairs the Department of Craft and Material Studies and is director of graduate students at the VCU School of the Arts. 

“The idea of “home” asks artists to consider identity, migration, new beginnings, ideas of comfort and feeling of belonging,” Myron says. “Works, represented in digital format on a large screen viewable from a great distance, allow emerging student artists to share their work with a greater audience whether that be the greater Richmond community, students passing through campus, or those attending the NCECA conference. It provides the opportunity to fully embrace the idea of coalescence; the coming together of ideas while considering the ‘whole’.”

 Clay is the primary material for the works showing. These are the featured artists:

  • Ajmal Ahmad, University of Utah, El Almahjura (The Abandoned), To My Younger Self
  • Cole Albright, VCUarts, Center of the Universe, Suburban Sprawl: First Rendition
  • Oscar Campos-Valle, VCUarts, Juice Pouches
  • Angeliky Castrellon, Florida International University, House (Future desert), Al menos tienes un techo sobre tu cabeza (At least you have a roof over your head)
  • Jessica Cossio, VCUarts, Memory Bookshelf, Los Pasos
  • Ella Darnell, Virginia Co, Inner Spaces, Following
  • Emma David, VCUarts, Lake House Rocking Chair, The Rocks’ Old Kitchen Chair
  • Brianna Dehring, Berry College, “Almost Home”
  • Emily Fowler, VCUars, Apple Blossom, Blue Dream
  • Theodore Fuller, Southern Illinois University, Vessel = Body, 22 States Against Me
  • Emma Rose Hanley, Appalachian State University, Exodus From Home
  • Mia Irizarry, Berry College, I am my own house
  • Hannah Mae, VCUarts, Art-Centered Living Space.
  • Emma McNeil, VCUarts, Olla, Sisters
  • Casey Mitchell, VCUarts, Flock Together, Patchwork Mug No.10
  • Naila Ohmke, VCUarts, Xerces Blue, Finally Home
  • Hope Ollivant, VCUarts, i know what i bring to the table., Dizzy Couch
  • Ryder Paley, VCUarts, Cradle of Life, Screamcatcher
  • Allie Patterson, Berry College, Chosen Family, Grandma’s Art Shop
  • Elissa Paula, Appalachian State University, Handle With Care, Unearthed Balance
  • Madalyn Schrag, Wichita State University, Nature vs. Nurture
  • Oona Schreur, VCUarts, smell-o-rama, Tool box
  • Sam Sequeira, University of North Texas, Untitled
  • Payton Shively, University of Tennessee, Home; Tennesse, Home; Virginia
  • Kenzie Sink, University of Tennessee, Neighboors, My grandmothers backyard
  • Liana Tai, VCUarts, a place of worship (for whom?), through sand and time
  • Estella Trygg, VCUarts, Tinned Fish Night, Warm Cup of Me
  • Cammie Valtierra, Berry College, Mom’s Portrait in Tonalá
  • Samisha Warrick, VCUarts, Strawberry Shortcake, Birthday Cake
  • Emilee Watson, Berry College, Phasmida
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