Through March 7.

Second-year Kinetic Imaging M.F.A. Joana Stillwell presents “We are slowly approaching a solstice everyday,” in February on the Big Screen.

“Solstice” consists of hours of Richmond sunrises, played every night from dusk till dawn – approximately 5 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. The show is the first solo graduate student show for the Big Screen, as well as the first to run overnight.

Stillwell started filming sunrises last summer from her Fan apartment as a form of meditative journaling. Experimenting with a new 4K camera, she wanted to record the subtle changing of light as the sun rose. What started as a personal exercise became a 12-channel video piece that was included in 1708 Gallery’s InLight.

The sunrises as shown on the big screen are a new iteration of the project. “For the Cabell screen I’m experimenting with showing one sunrise at a time and thinking about how each LED bulb will be responsible for and encapsulate each particular shade of changing light,” the artist said. “I also enjoy how the screen articulates darkness as no light and how each bulb will slowly turn on with each sunrise.”

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