Kayla Mathes, a doctoral candidate in the integrative life sciences program of VCU Life Sciences, removes tree bark and sugar-transporting tissues immediately under it, using a process called stem girdling. (Courtesy photo)

VCU researchers, including Chris Gough and Maxim Grigri of the Biology department, led a research project to elucidate the ways in which forest disturbances affect carbon uptake and storage in forests.

Read the full article, “A VCU-led experiment will improve forecasts of how the forest carbon cycle responds to disturbances — a key question for climate change” by Brian McNeill at VCU News.

Chris Gough, Ph.D. is an assistant professor in the Department of Biology and primary investigator for the Forest Ecology Lab at VCU. Maxim Grigri is an alumnus of the M.S., Biology program in the Biology Department.

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