In the Footprints on the James course, students traverse the James River by kayak, canoe and raft. (Tom Kojcsich, University Marketing)

Students have been participating in VCU’s experiential Footprints on the James course are also helping professors from across the U.S. test new river-based field lessons.

This summer’s Footprints on the James includes two courses: Footprints on the James: The Natural History of the James River Watershed, taught by Daniel Carr, an assistant professor in the Department of Biology, and Environmental Studies 491 River Field Practicum, taught by Vonesh and Carr. 

“When I read the course description, it scared me – but in a good way,” said Kiki McDonnell, a biology major who’s entering her senior year. “I felt like it was something big that I needed to do and put me outside of my comfort zone.”

On Saturday June 11th, the students will be travelling for a week from Lynchburg to Scottsville on the James River Batteau Mary Marshall.

To read the full story go check out “Traversing the James River to learn about its biodiversity and history” by Brian McNeill.

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