As the semester approaches the College of Humanities and Sciences posted about the newest faculty members for the the 2022-2023 academic year. This year they welcomed one of VCU Biology’s newest faculty member Gaston Jofre, Ph.D. We are very excited to have Gaston join our department and look forward to the impact he will make here at VCU.

Gaston is originally from Mexico and began his journey into Biology at UNAM in Mexico City. As an undergraduate he became interested in animal behavior, studying the effect of resource limitation on intra-species aggression. After that he studied for his Ph.D. at Texas A&M University, pivoting into evolutionary genomics speciation using swordtails, endemic species of life-bearing fish, as a model system. He continued his trajectory into the genomic signatures of speciation during his postdoctoral tenure at UNC Chapel Hill.

Gaston’s reasoning for what attracted him to VCU was the high diversity in the student population. Being Hispanic/Latinx, Gaston is striving to take an active leadership role in promoting diversity. VCU’s commitment to diversity and inclusion resonates with Gaston’s values and a responsibility to contribute as a Hispanic scientist and educator.

Click here to learn more about Gaston’s journey and some of his favorite hobbies.

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