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Meet a Biology Student

VCU Biology undergraduate David Huey answered questions about his interests and experiences in research and academics. Read the Q & A With Dalton Huey on the Biology website.

Biology faculty answers questions on the microorganisms behind sourdough

Everybody is stuck at home and everybody is seemingly baking bread. VCU biology professor Fernando Tenjo shares why yeast and fermentable foods are so captivating.  Read the article ‘Been baking sourdough? We spoke with a VCU biology professor who teaches Yeast and Fermentation about the friendly microorganism.’ by Brian McNeill from VCU News. Fernando Tenjo […]

‘Thank a Professor’ Project

The VCU Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence has launched a new program: “THANK A PROF” project During this time of great uncertainty, we find it extremely important to share gratitude whenever we can. We know many VCU faculty are teaching with compassion and doing everything they can for students and their academic success. Please […]

Biology, Other CHS Units Donate PPE to VCU Health.

Last week, VCU Biology coordinated to donate boxes of personal protective equipment such as gloves and face masks to VCU Health in order to assist in the ongoing fight against COVID-19. VCU Biology would like to express deep gratitude to the various principal investigators and instructors who relinquished their lab supplies in support of VCU […]