Sarah Golding, PH.D., (left), talk with faculty during a Leaders for Inclusive Learning faculty development workshop in summer 2021. The program involved faculty working together to find ways to bolster student success through inclusive teaching and learning practices. (Alexis Finc, VCU College of Humanities and Sciences)

Leaders for Inclusive Learning program helps train instructors on how to best serve students through inclusive teaching and learning practices. These practices are then brought back to their faculty peers in their departments to have a greater impact and help lead systemic change.

The program was first brought to life by Sarah Golding, PH.D., an associate professor in the Department of Biology and assistant director of the VCU Howard Hughes Medical Institute Inclusive Excellence in STEM initiative. Golding partnered with Allison Johnson, Ph.D., an associate professor in VCU’s Life Sciences and program director of VCU’s Howard Hughes Medical Institute Inclusive Excellence initiative, and Kim Case, Ph.D., director of faculty success for the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence and Faculty Success, to develop the yearlong program.

Faculty members from the College of Humanities and Sciences were nominated in the Spring of 2021 to participate. Cara Cario, PH.D. and Ma. Carolina Yaber PH.D. were selected from the Department of Biology and participated in the program. Their efforts will help foster a more inclusive environment for learning and will provide the department with the knowledge on how to best get students to achieve their goals.

The following information above was provided by Alexis Finc (VCU College of Humanities and Sciences). To learn more about the program read the whole article “The Goal? Success for every student” by Alexis Finc.

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