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Biology staff member among sisters celebrating 90 years of service to VCU

Biology’s Octavia Hall is celebrating 20 years of service at VCU alongside her sisters who, together, share 90 total years at VCU. Rhonda Hall reached the 40-year milestone at VCU, and Adriene Hall Johnson reached the 30-year service mark. Full article at VCU News: “Sisters celebrate 90 years of service to VCU” by Joan Tuponce. […]

NSF: Structural complexity in forests improves carbon capture

Chris Gough co-authored a study on carbon sequestration which was funded and recently featured by the National Science Foundation. The study demonstrated the importance of a forest’s structural complexity to carbon sequestration. Read the full article on the NSF website entitled “Structural complexity in forests improves carbon capture” by NSF public affairs. Chris Gough is […]

CHS announces new Student Emergency Fund for students near graduation experiencing financial hardship

VCU College of Humanities and Sciences students work hard while they’re in school. Many live on the edge financially, patching together scholarships, grants, loans and jobs to pay for college. Just one emergency can upend their lives and threaten their ability to complete their degree. We recognize the sacrifices our students make for their education. […]