Students in graduation regalia celebrate their academic achievements at a VCU commencement ceremony
The CHS Student Emergency Fund will help students to overcome minor/temporary financial emergencies – providing assistance to students in good academic standing who are one or two semesters away from graduation.

VCU College of Humanities and Sciences students work hard while they’re in school. Many live on the edge financially, patching together scholarships, grants, loans and jobs to pay for college. Just one emergency can upend their lives and threaten their ability to complete their degree.

We recognize the sacrifices our students make for their education. We want to see them walk across the stage to receive their diploma, so the VCU College of Humanities and Sciences has established a Student Emergency Fund to keep minor or temporary financial emergencies from derailing students’ progress toward a degree. It will help those who need it most, when they need it most.

Your contribution helps CHS students in good academic standing who are one or two semesters from graduating. This is a gift that has a direct and tangible impact.

Join us by making your contribution today. Your support helps students graduate from VCU. #WalkAcrossTheStage

The College is undertaking a crowdfunding campaign to benefit the fund October 7-14. Please help by visiting the link below and sharing on social media.

Igniter Crowdfunding at VCU: CHS Student Emergency Fund

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