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VCU News: A VCU-led experiment will improve forecasts of how the forest carbon cycle responds to disturbances — a key question for climate change

VCU researchers, including Chris Gough and Maxim Grigri of the Biology department, led a research project to elucidate the ways in which forest disturbances affect carbon uptake and storage in forests. Read the full article, “A VCU-led experiment will improve forecasts of how the forest carbon cycle responds to disturbances — a key question for […]

VCU News: Students’ plan for at-home COVID-19 testing kit recognized by Clinton Foundation

Four biology majors are among a team trying to develop an at-home testing kit for COVID-19 – work which has been recognized by the Clinton Foundation. Read the full article, “Students’ plan for at-home COVID-19 testing kit recognized by Clinton Foundation” by James Shea at VCU News. Teerth Patel, Sivam Bhatt, Nuhash Bhuiyan, and Anubhav […]

Biology junior earns prestigious NIH scholarship

Anirban Mahanty, a junior biology major at Virginia Commonwealth University, has been named a recipient of a prestigious scholarship from the National Institutes of Health, making him the third VCU student in four years to receive the highly competitive national award. Read the full article “VCU biology major’s passion for medicine, science and research leads […]

VCU News: Biology researcher explores a way to stop coronavirus infection cycle.

VCU News has published an article on extremely important research being conducted in Derek Prosser’s Membrane Biology Lab. Derek Prosser is investigating whether SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) can be stopped from entering cells. If it can, the infection life cycle can be broken. Read the full VCU News article “Is it possible to […]

3 Biology Faculty and Staff Receive Advising Certificates of Merit

The VCU University Academic Advising Board has awarded certificates of merit for excellence in advising to three members of the Department of Biology. “The goal of the UAAB Awards Program is to encourage a wider support and recognition of outstanding advising at Virginia Commonwealth University. Awards are presented across five different categories to individuals who […]

A Biology alumnus is organizing volunteers to help meet free clinic needs across Virginia

Zuhayr Shaikh, an alumnus of the Department of Biology is interested in helping underserved populations and will enroll at the University of Virginia School of Medicine in the fall. He has volunteered at a free clinic in Richmond as well as the one in Manassas. Read the VCU News article “A VCU grad is organizing […]

Being a Biology Major at VCU – Student/Faculty Panel

Faculty and students in VCU Biology discuss their experiences in the department and what a Biology major can expect when they accept their offer to attend VCU. Watch the panel discussion recorded on Zoom.

Meet a Biology Student

VCU Biology undergraduate David Huey answered questions about his interests and experiences in research and academics. Read the Q & A With Dalton Huey on the Biology website.

Biology faculty answers questions on the microorganisms behind sourdough

Everybody is stuck at home and everybody is seemingly baking bread. VCU biology professor Fernando Tenjo shares why yeast and fermentable foods are so captivating.  Read the article ‘Been baking sourdough? We spoke with a VCU biology professor who teaches Yeast and Fermentation about the friendly microorganism.’ by Brian McNeill from VCU News. Fernando Tenjo […]

‘Thank a Professor’ Project

The VCU Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence has launched a new program: “THANK A PROF” project During this time of great uncertainty, we find it extremely important to share gratitude whenever we can. We know many VCU faculty are teaching with compassion and doing everything they can for students and their academic success. Please […]

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