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Biology professor Fernando Tenjo still finds motivation in student success as he approaches his 20th year at VCU

Fernand Tenjo joined VCU in 2003 and is approaching his 20th year here at VCU Biology. He has held various positions since arriving: associate professor of biology, associate chair for the Department of Biology, co-chair of the Men of Color Initiative, and many more. The foundation for student success according to Fernando is the engagement […]

Meet Gaston Ignacio Jofre-Rodriguez, Ph.D.

As the semester approaches the College of Humanities and Sciences posted about the newest faculty members for the the 2022-2023 academic year. This year they welcomed one of VCU Biology’s newest faculty member Gaston Jofre, Ph.D. We are very excited to have Gaston join our department and look forward to the impact he will make […]

VCU Biology Faculty Members Involved With Leaders for Inclusive Learning program

Leaders for Inclusive Learning program helps train instructors on how to best serve students through inclusive teaching and learning practices. These practices are then brought back to their faculty peers in their departments to have a greater impact and help lead systemic change. The program was first brought to life by Sarah Golding, PH.D., an […]

VCU Biology Welcomes On New Department Chair

VCU Biology Department has introduced Rima Franklin PH.D. as the new Department Chair. Dr. Franklin will step into the role; previously filled by Derek Johnson PH.D. for the past four years. Rima brings a lot of experience and has served as an Associate Professor for over seven years. Her leadership qualities and ability to work […]

Spring Research Showcase

The Integrative Life Sciences Student Organization is presenting its annual research showcase on Thursday, April 14th from 11am – to 4pm. Come to The Commons Virginia Rooms A-D to witness students giving presentations on their own research findings. Oral presentations will also be available over Zoom. Contact for any questions.

Biology faculty answers questions on the microorganisms behind sourdough

Everybody is stuck at home and everybody is seemingly baking bread. VCU biology professor Fernando Tenjo shares why yeast and fermentable foods are so captivating.  Read the article ‘Been baking sourdough? We spoke with a VCU biology professor who teaches Yeast and Fermentation about the friendly microorganism.’ by Brian McNeill from VCU News. Fernando Tenjo […]

Biology TRIO Student Featured in VCU News

VCU News recently featured Kamyar Sharifi, a recent graduate from VCU Biology, in an article about the TRiO student support program. Read the full article, “On the brink of graduation, students from VCU’s TRIO program reflect on their pasts and look ahead to the future” at VCU News.

Biology Advisers Elected to UAAB Executive Board

The University Academic Advising Board announced the results of the Executive Board elections today.  VCU Biology’s Assistant Directors of Undergraduate Advising Rachel Hill and Alvin Bryant were both elected!  Hill will serve as Treasurer, and Bryant will serve as Chair of the Mentorship Committee. Hill and Byrant are the leaders of the department’s academic advising […]

CHS Now Hiring Advisers

The Office of Student Services in the VCU College of Humanities and Sciences (CHS) is recruiting to fill multiple Academic Adviser positions in the areas of Biology; Forensics; Kinesiology and Health Sciences; African American Studies, Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, and Philosophy; and one Academic Adviser who will serve as a Generalist in CHS. The Academic Adviser will […]

Of two minds: VCU students share their experience as double majors

When it comes to choosing a major, many Virginia Commonwealth University undergraduates decide that two is better than one. Roughly 1,000 VCU students take on a second major. Full Article: “Of two minds: VCU students share their experience as double majors” at VCU News.