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The latest version of the Zoom desktop client (5.10.0) adds several new features of interest:

With this new feature, users can replace their camera view with an animated avatar. Zoom uses your device’s camera to detect your face and applies a selected avatar effect, matching your mouth and head movements, eye blinks, etc. Hosts have the option to disable this feature for meetings where it would be inappropriate or distracting. More details can be found here:

Live streaming to Twitch 
In addition to Kaltura, YouTube and Facebook, you can now live stream your meetings to Twitch directly. Previously this required manually configuring the “custom streaming service” option, but now you can simply choose “Live on Twitch” using the “More” menu icon. More details can be found at the Zoom Support site.

Show invitee list in Participants panel 
If you’ve integrated your Zoom account with Google Calendar or Outlook, you can now use the “Participants” window to see not only who’s currently in your meeting, but also anyone you’ve invited who hasn’t yet joined. In a new field labeled “Not Joined” you can see a list of names along with their invitation status (Accepted, Declined, Maybe, No Response). This feature requires Zoom version 5.9.6 or higher. More on how to enable and use this feature is available at the Zoom Support site.

As always, you’re strongly encouraged to stay up to date with new Zoom releases as they become available, not only to take advantage of new features but also to benefit from patches, bug fixes and security improvements. If you have any questions about these or other features, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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