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Zoom’s live captioning feature has now been enabled for all VCU users by default. It’s still up to you as host whether and when to actually use the feature.

If you want to send out live captions in the course of your meeting, use the “Live Transcription” button in the Zoom taskbar and then click “enable.” Anyone in your meeting will then be able to see real-time captions if desired.

More detailed instructions are available in a previous post.

Due to security concerns, Zoom’s built-in closed captioning feature was previously limited to users from departments not subject to HIPAA regulations. Those issues have now been resolved, so all VCU users can now generate closed captions in real time.

To make sure the feature works to full effect, be sure to keep updated to the latest version of Zoom. As always, if you have questions or concerns about this or other Zoom features, feel free to contact us at for help.

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