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We are proud to announce that VCU is in the process of implementing a new parking system across campus called T2 Flex! In addition to offering hands-free access, subscribers will enjoy greater online flexibility, enhanced deck security and improved traffic flow in and out of our parking decks. Long gone are the days of fumbling around for your VCUCard for access at the gates.

Many staff and students are already sporting the new RFID permits on their windshields. Long-range RFID readers, located at the deck entrances, will be able to identify the permit as it approaches and will verify the parking subscription, triggering a gate to open for a valid permit. Make sure you’ve installed it behind your rear view mirror. And, remember, student permits can not be removed! Faculty/staff permits can be re-positioned! We will let you know when these systems go live. Until then, continue to use your VCUCard.

With this new modernization comes several weeks and months of construction and installation. We will always continue to keep our subscribers informed of the latest updates and closures through email, Facebook and Twitter to make this transition as painless as possible. In the meantime, we encourage you to follow us here to get weekly construction updates and to hear some exciting news regarding what’s going on in parking and transportation!


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