Like every engaged couple, when alumni Paul Pottanat (BS ‘16/H&S) and Maria-Grace Luther (BA ‘17/Arts) planned their August 2022 wedding, they made hundreds of decisions and juggled hundreds of ideas and tasks associated with creating their special day. One idea unique to them was to visit James Branch Cabell Library in their wedding finery to take some wedding day photos.

“Cabell, as it is to so many, was our go-to space to hang out and be with each other while also dedicating time to our studies. It holds a special place in our hearts because of all the time spent there. We felt it really fitting to us as a couple to have pictures taken there,” said Maria-Grace.

The couple met through Catholic Campus Ministry, which is why they chose to marry at the nearby Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. “However, so many of our initial interactions were in the library, it feels like we met there!” 

“VCU and Cabell brought together people from different backgrounds and experiences and facilitated not only our romance but our growth as individuals and as a couple.” 

So, on the afternoon of August 6, the brand new Mr. and Mrs. Pottanat walked over from the Cathedral to Cabell with their wedding photographer in tow. 

“Our day was a large multi-cultural Catholic wedding. It really was a beautiful day and we couldn’t have been happier. We’re especially grateful for our photos on campus as it was key to bringing us together.”

The couple lives in Charleston, S.C. Paul Pottanat graduated in December 2016 and completed  medical school at the University of Virginia. He is now an orthopedic resident at the Medical University of South Carolina. Maria-Grace Pottanat, who graduated December 2017, works as a procurement agent for Boeing.   

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