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We received the following alert from Blackboard:

The SafeAssign migration to AWS was completed on, April 2nd 2018, however unforeseen performance concerns have arisen that require additional maintenance to resolve.

To resolve the performance issues, the SafeAssign service will be migrated to a faster storage option within AWS on 04/03/2018 between the hours of 1130AM EDT and concluding around 500PM EDT.

The entire migration will take several hours, however at the beginning of the migration there will be a 5-10 minute period of intermittent availability of the service. Papers submitted during this short window of downtime will need to be resubmitted, however any papers submitted after the start of the migration will be queued for processing until the migration is fully complete.

Blackboard will provide real time updates of the progress of this migration at http://status.blackboard.com.

(Contact: Blackboard, blackboard@vcu.edu)

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