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The Center for Corporate Education is proud to offer scholarships to participants interested in enrolling in one of our courses. One of our more recent scholarship recipients, Chief John Venuti, answered a few questions for us about his experience and advice for future participants. For more information on our scholarship program, visit the CCE website.

What is your current career path, and how did you get there?

I have been in policing for 36 years, and I want to expand my capabilities. I am interested in working within healthcare.

How was your experience with your specific course?

I loved the Six Sigma program. In the past, I had a very pragmatic approach to process improvement. I really enjoyed learning a more structured and scientific approach to process improvement.

How will your experience change or enhance your current career path?

I just took on additional responsibility within VCU Health overseeing their security function. There is a tremendous need for process improvement within that division.

What advice would you have for someone considering participating in a CCE course?

I would strongly encourage pushing outside of your comfort zone and learning about things that may interest them.

Describe a “lightbulb” moment you’ve had on your personal career journey.

My lightbulb moment was when hit the pinnacle of my law enforcement career and realized that I would more than likely be working for another 10 years. If I had hit the pinnacle already, what would be my next challenge or destination?

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