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Selected Works from Poetic Mystery: Works from James Bumgardner

Showing through April, in the mornings. In partnership with the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts (LCVA), the Cabell Screen presents images from the exhibition, Poetic Mystery: Works from James Bumgardner on display at the LCVA from  April 14 to May 16, 2018. The retrospective spans more than 50 years of work by the late […]

Alumni Week: 1969–The Start of VCU

Showing through April, in the afternoons. The hippies, the hair, the fashions, the intense looks and serious poses, the stop-the-war protests and the arts festival. This Cabell Screen exhibit, “1969: The Start of VCU” captures images from the 1969 yearbooks, The Cobblestone and the X-Ray, from the newly minted VCU. During the 2017-2018 academic year, […]

Black History Month: Images from RVA and alumni artists

This month, a group of artists, many with ties to VCU, is showing works that explore themes of justice, fairness and the challenges of African-Americans in our society. They are sharing some of those works with the Cabell Screen for a special Black History Month exhibit. The Cabell Screen exhibit runs mornings throughout February and on […]

Black Lives Matter Redux: Community reprises its efforts

In response to the huge success of last year’s Black Lives Matter art show, a group of activist artists is reprising the exhibition with new works in 2018 at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond, 1000 Blanton Ave., Richmond, VA 23221. The Cabell Screen shows selected images of the works on display. The Cabell exhibit […]

Pattern Language for a Social Fabric

Showing through October.  “Pattern Language for a Social Fabric” is an experiment in open-printing and artistic collaboration. The process was intended to develop a creative practice that eliminated any possibility of isolating singular contributions within a collaborative whole, while simultaneously allowing artists to engage the work as primary creators. In the summer of 2016, images were […]

Alumni Month Show: Sally Bowring

Showing through April. In honor of Reunion Weekend April 7-9 and Alumni Month, April, the Big Screen features the work of alumna Sally Bowring (M.F.A., ’83). She teaches painting at Virginia Commonwealth University and is an active and engaged artist in metro Richmond. (Image: April Winds)  Her many notable accomplishments include being a recipient of […]

Celebration of the Torah

Showing March 30. In honor of today’s celebration of the gift of a Holocaust Torah to VCU Libraries, the Big Screen shares some images of this beautiful and meaningful religious relic and teaching tool. This Torah scroll, on parchment in the customary Hebrew, was composed in Romania around 1750. During World War II, it was confiscated […]

Intersections II: Science & Art

Showing through spring semester. A new art show at the Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences at Virginia Commonwealth University is featuring medical and scientific illustrations by students and alumni of the Department of Communication Arts in the School of the Arts. “Intersections II” features the work of 16 students and alumni of the Department of Communication Art’s scientific and preparatory medical illustration track, […]

Black Lives Matter: A community outpouring

Through March 24. A multicultural art show of local artists explores the theme of Black Lives Matter at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond, 1000 Blanton Ave., Richmond, 23221. The exhibit runs through March 24. It debuts on the Big Screen Sunday, Feb. 19, noon to 6 p.m. The show was organized by three Richmond artists: […]

East-West Connects: Alumnus Wei Dong

Showing through January, 2017 Wei Dong (M.F.A. ’88/A), who says he is the first Chinese national to study art at Virginia Commonwealth University, earned a bachelor’s degree in Beijing. China was opening its doors to the west and Dong applied to U.S. schools for graduate study. Drawn to VCU’s School of the Arts because of […]

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