Showing through April

This solo exhibition is an inviting portrayal of alumnus Nickolai Walko’s medically inspired works. The title, “DEEPER” references not only the idea of physically going further into the body but also explores the ever- expansive realm of the mind. Each individual piece is activated by the action of being hand-cut with an x-acto knife out of black masking tape and latex paint on wood panels, akin to a surgeon performing surgery with a scalpel.

The composition, motifs, and forms of the works are reminiscent of time periods spanning Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica to the 20th Century.   Some pieces reference masters from the Italian Renaissance and others nod to modern artists.

The works of art in this show are meant to take you by the hand and invite you into their captivating scenes, according to the artist. The  presence of the pieces may help the viewer to feel in a relaxed, perhaps even a healing/ meditative state.  

The 2023 exhibition at the Health Sciences Library marks the third such  VCU Libraries exhibit. The library showed Walko’s work in 2015 and 2019. Images from a 2015 exhibit. Walko is a 2014 graduate of the VCU School of the Arts. Bio and artist’s statement.

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