Showing through January

Students in Space Research (ARTF-133-901) learn about three-dimensional phenomena in fine art and design. The class cultivates a student’s ability to think, perceive, visualize, design and build in three dimensions.

Students created digital terrariums using a combination of physical and digital techniques to sculpt a “critter” and create an ecosystem that supports it. Each students’ physical clay “critter” was digitized using photogrammetry from sets of images taken by each student. The landscapes were derived from scanning found objects and materials and processing them into textures and 3D geometry. Each student assembled their worlds in Blender.Software: Blender, Quixel Mixer, Photoshop.

Participating Artists:

Skyler Ancheta
Lauryn Baynes
Ana Bibic
Liliana Delivuk
Ellie Farbman
Thomas Fiscella
Jill Geppi
Marissa Hill
Noah Hush
Lars Irvin
Avery Lewis
Jadon Rowson
Emma Kate Shaver
Lee Stribling
Martie Surasky

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