Showing Sept. 1 through Oct. 2

VCUarts student Audrey Reed, who is currently getting her MFA in Costume Design, designed the costumes for the VCU stage production of Spring Awakening which was unfortunately postponed due to COVID-19.

Artist Statement: The color palette for this production and design reflect on the natural beauty of the earth. The group of schoolboys are dressed in a uniform set that reflect the time period, but each in various states of disarray so that their budding personalities can shine through. While their collective outfits consist of a monochromatic wool, a pop of red and blue returns them to what they truly are, a group of confused, restless, and boisterous young men.

The girls, while not in matching uniforms like their counterparts, do relate in similar ways. Each in their own nature-based color, the fabrics themselves convey uniformity by their small-scale print and skirt length. In turn, each costume has its own sense of personality and modern flair to break them away from the conformity the adults so cherish.

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