Showing on screen August 2020

Cabell Screen reprises Associate Proffesor Bob Kaputof’s Kinetic Imaging Fall 2019 class exploration of video or animation for an outdoor projection on a large screen.

Kinetic Imaging is a department in VCU’s School of the Arts that focuses on work made within the disciplines of video, animation and sound. The experimental video class began by looking at examples of public art and large-scale video work. Each student considered the unusual parameters of the Cabell Screen, including the nature of the LED pixel grid and the absence of sound, when producing their pieces. They also thought about how people will view the projection, from below, from the end of Shafer Street, in full sunlight or on a cloudy day.

Kaputof wants people to consider, “Is it a beacon going out to the world, or are we looking into a building?”

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