Showing on the Cabell Screen starting August 14 are exhibits for Kinetic Imaging, Emanata, and Home Sweet Home. 

Kinetic Imaging students experimented with concept, medium, technique and narrative for their projects.

Emanata is a student-run publication dedicated to providing avenues for comic creators to publish their work. The staff of Emanata works with contributors to amplify their skills through a personal one-on-one editorial process. Through the Student Media Center, they publish an annual anthology in both print and digital format, giving students a taste of the publishing process.

Home Sweet Home artists created works from this prompt: “Perhaps home is not a place but an irrevocable condition,” contends James Baldwin in his 1956 novel Giovanni’s Room. Moving from Baldwin’s probing and nuanced provocation, this prompt creates space for a reconsideration of cultural assumptions about the home.

Featured Artists: Marisa Alper, Michael Robinson, Caroline Thompson, Eun-Young Lee, Lyly Nguyen, Alyssa Noegel, Alex Smith, Silvia Valladares, Flow Yen, Angie Gan, Adilene Ramirez, Laurel Alleman, Morgan Barnett, Madeline DeMichelle, Ellie Erhart, Susie Grady, Hunter Hutcherson, Erin Joo, Jamie Knierim, Evan McGrady, Lyn Powell, Sammy Newman

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