Beginning Thursday, May 23, selected work from the Class of 2019 and 2020, Kinetic Imaging students, is showing on the Cabell Screen.

Students experimented with concept, medium, technique and narrative. The exhibit features:

Monique Brown’s “Pendulum” an experimental animation for testing movement of swinging and a smooth flow of animated frames and “Speed” an animation reflecting visible stress and anxiety. Monique uses her work “to explore darker themes reflecting on depression and stress along with having dark comedic narratives.” 

  • Eun-Young Lee’s “SK Morph” a looping morph animation of the South Korean flag into the a character in the cities of Seoul.
  • Lyly Nguyen a multimedia artist work “Gals” a Single Channel Motion Graphic Morphing Animation.
  • Alyssa Noegel’s “Late Night Snack” is an animated video about a raccoon rummaging through a trash can.
  • Alex Smith’s Clay Decay” exploring stop motion animation with clay on tile and “Destructive” using sand and cloth.
  • Silvia Valladares’ “Water” a time based stop motion about water and pollution, shot at Belle Isle, on the James River. The piece was made with twenty four different fish cast in ice. The material was especially chosen because of its ephemeral nature. It serves as a reminder that this is not an issue that can be put off for later. “Sheep” a stop motion animation is about a sheep who keeps falling and tripping but he continues to get back up no matter what. 
  • Flow Yen’s “Bee” experimental video exploring texture and video, “Water” which explores the playfulness of hair in water along with the thoughts of a drowning environment to become feeling over stimulated and in the end being released and “Space Kid”.
  • As well as work by Angie Gan and Adilene Ramirez.
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