Showing beginning Sept. 30 

Providing a showcase and a sharing space for student artwork is a key role of the Cabell Big Screen. The inaugural Student Showcase is on display from Sept. 30-Oct. 2, coinciding with VCU Family Weekend.


Students, please contact us if you have ideas for projects or simply want to share some of your work.

Works were self-submitted by students and chosen by the curatorial committee for the screen. Students showing works:

  • Nia Campbell, Painting and Printmaking class of 2019, chalk pastel drawings
  • Ra’ eese Corbitt, Communications Arts, expecting to graduate in 2018, “Warrior Spirit,” marker with Photoshop
  • Tyler Chong, Communication Arts, expecting to graduate in 2017, “The World Is Yours,” oil
  • Jessica Andrea Cruz, Painting and Printmaking class of 2018, acrylic
  • Mitchell Craft, Kinetic Imaging class of 2017, experimental animations
  • Hong Huo, Kinetic Imaging, animation
  • Abby Huston, Sculpture, glitched animation (image above)
  • Nicasio Reid, Kinetic Imaging class of 2017, “HMU,” several videos
  • Juan Steck, class of 2018, “Stop Motion Short,” animation
  • Georgi Talmazov, School of Dentistry class of 2019, “The Big Dub,” pencil, ink, water-brush, digital
  • Yuxuan You, Painting and Printmaking, class of 2019, “Payback,” pastel, oil and charcoal drawings
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