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VCU News: VCU biology professor receives $1.3M grant to study membrane transport pathways in yeast

Derek Prosser was awarded a 5-year CAREER Award by the NSF for his research into non-clathrin membrane transport pathways. This $1.3 million award will support Prosser as he studies lesser known transport pathways that are not yet well understood. Read the full article “VCU biology professor receives $1.3M grant to study membrane transport pathways in […]

NSF: Structural complexity in forests improves carbon capture

Chris Gough co-authored a study on carbon sequestration which was funded and recently featured by the National Science Foundation. The study demonstrated the importance of a forest’s structural complexity to carbon sequestration. Read the full article on the NSF website entitled “Structural complexity in forests improves carbon capture” by NSF public affairs. Chris Gough is […]

Explore Neon Workshop: Register by Sept. 27th

This two-day workshop introduces participants to NEON, teaches them how to access and work with NEON data, and allows them to interact with NEON science staff to get assistance working on the data they are interested in using. The workshop includes hands-on, interactive instruction on how to access and work with NEON data, both through […]

Biology faculty member named “Rockstar Fundraising Researcher”

Santiago Lima, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the VCU Department of Biology.  He is a teacher-scholar, and teaches a 3-course series in Cancer Biology that covers the fundamentals of cancer and gets students into the lab to conduct research. As a researcher, Lima is interested in understanding the molecular and metabolic changes that occur in […]

VCU, UR study on spread of gypsy moths amid climate change receives prestigious award

The Royal Entomological Society will recognize a study led by current and former VCU researchers as the best to be published in Physiological Entomology over a two-year period. The study was led by Lily Thompson, a graduate of VCU Biology’s M.S. degree program. Co-authors include: Trevor Faske; graduate of VCU Biology’s M.S. degree program. Dominique […]

VCU News: Structurally complex forests better at carbon sequestration

Associate professor Chris Gough, Ph.D. and post-doctoral fellow Jeff Atkins, Ph.D. were recently featured in a VCU News article about carbon sequestration in forests. Read the full article “Structurally complex forests better at carbon sequestration” by Brian McNeill at VCU News. Chris Gough is an associate professor in VCU Biology, studying forest ecology. Jeff Atkins […]

VCU News features graduating Biology senior

VCU News reports: “When she was 16, La’Tila Abbott was diagnosed with alopecia areata, a medical condition that causes the immune system to attack hair follicles. Her hair fell out, and she began to receive steroid shots in her scalp that came with “really horrible side effects,” she said. She wore a wig to school.” […]

VCU News: CPEL research highlights impacts of climate change on VA’s barrier islands

VCU News recently featured Julie Zinnert’s Coastal Plant Ecology Lab and their ongoing research into how climate change events impact the composition and function of Virginia’s barrier islands. Full Article: “Study gives new insight into how climate change is transforming Virginia’s barrier islands” by Brian McNeill Julie Zinnert, Ph.D. is an assistant professor in the […]

VCU News: How forests are a key piece in the climate change puzzle

Assistant Professor Chris Gough was featured on VCU News for his contributions to a report by the US Global Change Research Program regarding the carbon cycle in North America. Full Article: How forests are a key piece in the climate change puzzle by Brian McNeill Chris Gough is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology […]

VCU News: $1.48M grant to aid community college students from underrepresented groups interested in biomedical sciences

VCU News has recently published an article featuring the recently renewed Bridges to the Baccalaureate grant in VCU Biology.  This program, lead by Karen Kester and Sarah Golding and with academic advising from Alvin Bryant, aims to help underrepresented community college students successfully transfer into a four-year institution. Full Article: “$1.48M grant to aid community […]

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