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As related in the previous post, Zoom has published an update to their Chrome Scheduler Extension for use with Google Calendar. This was originally scheduled for November but seems to have occurred on Dec. 14.

There were some initial difficulties with the application, preventing users from accessing the “Make It A Zoom Meeting” option when scheduling through the plug-in or when attempting to update pre-existing Calendar entries. These issues were reported to Zoom engineers who quickly pushed out an update that seems to have resolved them.

If you’re a user of the Chrome Extension and do not see the “Make It A Zoom Meeting” option when scheduling in Google Calendar, first check the Zoom icon at the top of your browser window (next to the address bar) to make sure it shows the “Start A Meeting” and “Schedule A Meeting” options. If not, it means you’re not signed in, and you should see the “Sign In to Zoom” option, instead. Go ahead and sign in, being sure to choose “SSO” instead of trying to enter your e-mail address.

When prompted, enter “vcu” as the “company domain” hosting your Zoom license and hit “Continue.”

From there, you’ll be presented with the usual VCU CAS log-in prompts for your eID and VCU password, and you should be good to go.

If you are logged in but are still having issues getting access to the “Make It A Zoom Meeting” option, sign out and back in again using the above procedure, and that should bring resolution.

It should not be necessary to repeat this process unless a future update to the application or the Chrome browser calls for it.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns at

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