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If you’re using a Chromebook to participate in Zoom meetings, you’ll need to switch to the Zoom progressive web application (PWA) soon.

In August, Zoom officially ended support for their Chrome OS App. On November 5, the app will no longer be searchable in the Chrome Web Store.  Starting in January, whenever Chrome OS users click Zoom links, the PWA will automatically launch, instead of the old Chrome OS App. As of February 1, 2023, the Chrome OS App will be fully removed and no longer available. To keep using Zoom on your Chrome devices, you’ll need to have installed the PWA.

Zoom has partnered with Google to develop the new PWA, a web-based app that delivers the Zoom experience you’re used to but with even more features than the old Chrome OS app provide. By nature, PWAs are usually faster and more functional than a regular app, and take up less storage — which is great for cloud-based devices. As Zoom centrally updates their web client, the PWA will also receive updates automatically to get the latest and greatest Zoom features. 

You can install the PWA today from the Google Play store or by going to and clicking on the install option in the Chrome browser address bar. Note: Installation is not necessary to use the PWA, but will make it easier to access on Chrome, as the PWA will be listed with other installed Apps.

Visit Zoom’s support pages for additional information about the Chrome OS App retirement and a guide to using the Zoom PWA for Chrome OS, and as always, feel free to reach out to us at with questions or concerns.

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