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As some users will know, VCU Zoom is actually divided into two accounts: a “HIPAA” account for departments and units dealing with protected health care information, and a “Main” account for all other users.

One of the side effects of this division has been a limited ability to collaborate between accounts. Users on the “HIPAA” account, for example, have to date been unable to name users on the “Main” account as alternate hosts or schedulers for their meetings, and vice-versa.

With the release of client version 5.7, Zoom has addressed this issue by making it possible for all VCU users to collaborate regardless of their departmental affiliation. With this latest version of Zoom, you can list any user with a “” identity as an alternate host or scheduler for meetings, and find them listed among your pre-loaded Contacts in Zoom Chat.

In order to take advantage of this feature, you and your collaborators will need to be running Zoom version 5.7 or higher. If you haven’t updated yet, you can so via the desktop client under “Check for updates,” or by visiting the Zoom download site at

This update should greatly aid teamwork for cross-campus and indisciplinary endeavors. As always if there are questions or issues, users are encouraged to contact for assistance.

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