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This week, Zoom unveiled client version 5.7, with a couple of new features you may find useful.

First up is the ability to have your preferred gender pronouns displayed in your contact card and as part of your display name in meetings and webinars.  Once your preferred pronouns are added to your profile page, you can choose when or if they’re shown during a meeting that you host or join.

To set your preferred pronouns, log in at, go to the “Profile” tab, find your name and click on the “Edit” link at the right. The field for pronouns will be displayed, along with the option to either display them at all times or decide with each meeting whether to show them.

More details and instructions are available on the Zoom Support page.

Another new feature is the ability to send a screen share from your main meeting to all your breakout rooms. WIth version 5.7, you’ll find a new option at the bottom of your “Share” window, as shown here:

If someone’s already sharing content in a breakout room, that share will be interrupted. If they’re using the annotation or whiteboard feature, they’ll be prompted to save their work before the new share from the host is displayed.

In order for this feature to work, the host and all participants need to be running version 5.7 or higher. As always, it’s recommended to periodically check for updates to keep your Zoom version current and take advantage of helpful new features and bug fixes as they’re released.

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