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Zoom accounts are available to all currently enrolled VCU students who log in at with their eID and VCU password. You don’t actually need an account to attend Zoom-based classes or meetings hosted by others, but it will be necessary to have one if you want to host your own meetings.

After separating from the university due to graduation or other reasons, a student’s status changes to “former student” in the Central Authentication System. When this happens, they are no longer able to access their former accounts (unlike their VCU Gmail accounts, which are retained indefinitely). The Zoom license pool is limited, so as students leave VCU, the licenses will be reclaimed and reassigned to incoming students.

Similarly, if you’ve been accepted to VCU but are not yet enrolled in classes, your status will be listed as “accepted” and access at the VCU Zoom portal will not be possible. Once enrolled in courses, your status should change to “student” and you can activate and access your account at

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