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The “Language Translation” feature has been enabled for VCU Zoom users. With it, you can provide non-English speakers with a real-time translation to the language they need.

As host, you’ll need to enable language interpretation when you schedule your meeting.

The feature requires the cooperation of a meeting participant who act as an interpreter. It needs to be someone on the VCU Zoom account, with an ID. You can add as many interpreters as you need to support multiple languages.

By default, Zoom lists nine languages for translation, but you can add to this list in your account settings. Keep in mind all this will do is show those languages as available on a list your participants see. You’ll still need to have actual interpreters to provide the translations.

When your interpreters join, they’ll be presented with a message reminding them of their role in the meeting.

When the meeting is in progress, participants who need it will hear the interpretation at normal volume, with the original meeting audio still audible at a lower level. If preferred, they can opt to turn off the original audio entirely. No one else in the meeting will hear the translation unless they choose to.

With VCU’s outreach to various cultures and nations, it’s hoped this tool will prove useful for many users. For more information on how the feature works and to see a demo video, visit the article at Zoom’s Help Center.

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