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Over the past year, we have been working hard to transform VCU’s 20-year old parking system into one which offers greater modernity, convenience and security through easy access, flexible online management tools and improved validation options.  As part of this conversion, all subscribers received RFID adhesive permits for hands-free access into our facilities.

While we are still working to customize the system to best meet our unique needs here at VCU, we have heard several student and employee concerns, specifically regarding the viability of the adhesive permits. That is why, very soon, we will be transitioning all VCU parking permits to RFID hangtags. With this new permit, you can expect more accurate and faster read rates, improved enforcement throughout surface lots and increased flexibility when driving alternate vehicles.

This new hangtag permit will still provide hands-free access through RFID technology.  If you park in a lot, you will need to display your hangtag while parked in your location and when reciprocal parking in decks.  If you park in one of our leased facilities (i.e. W Deck, K Deck, Coliseum Deck, H Deck, RTD Deck, etc.), you will also display your new hangtag, and continue to use your existing access card for ingress/egress.

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