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  • What does RFID stand for?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

  • Where do I place my RFID permit?

Your RFID permit should be placed on your front windshield behind the rear view mirror and above the AS1 line the top three inches of your windshield. Please note, if the permit is not properly placed, your vehicle will not pass Virginia inspection.

  • How do I purchase parking?

Faculty and Staff applications for parking subscriptions are available online at In order to be eligible for university parking privileges the applicant must be a current employee/student and have no outstanding parking citations.

Parking assignments are made on a first come, first served basis.

  • How does my permit get read?

The long-range RFID reader, located at the deck entrances, identifies the permit as it approaches and verifies the parking subscription, triggering a gate to open for a valid permit.

  • What if I don’t have my RFID permit?

You can still use your VCUCard for access. Just swipe your card at the scanner upon entering and exiting the parking deck. You can also retrieve a temporary permit from our Customer Service offices and place on your dash.

  • What if I need to cancel my permit?

Persons canceling their parking subscriptions, voluntarily or through separation

from the university, must return their permits and/or access cards to the Parking Office. If the parking permit/access card is not returned, a $25 fee may be assessed for both the permit and access card. Employee subscriptions are refunded based upon the date of return.

Students canceling their parking subscriptions must return their permits and/or access cards to the Parking Office. Refunds will not be granted if the parking permit or access card is not returned. Parking and Transportation follows the university’s policy on refunding parking subscriptions.

  • What if I need another permit?

Each parking subscriber will be issued one parking RFID permit. Only one vehicle listed under an employee/student’s profile may be parked in a VCU facility. In the event your permit is lost or stolen, please contact the Parking Office immediately. A $25 fee may be assessed for a replacement permit.

  • I park in a lot. How does this new parking system affect me?

While there are no gates at our lots, subscribers who park in lots should display their RFID permit in their assigned parking location and when reciprocal parking in decks. Subscribers that park in leased facilities (i.e. W Deck, K Deck, Coliseum, PA Deck, H Deck, and S Deck) should still display this permit, but will continue to use their existing access card. VCU permits are required at all parking facilities. Failure to display a VCU permit may result in a parking citation.

  • Why does my permit start with “E” or “S”?

All faculty/staff parking permits now begin with the letter “E”.  All student permits begin with “S”. This indication does not represent a specific parking location.  You should park in your assigned lot/deck.

  • Will I still have reciprocal parking?

Reciprocal parking is allowed when space is available. This privilege allows a subscriber to park in a certain campus location outside of their assigned area. Your permit and VCUCard will grant you access during the appropriate times for the location. Please visit to view your reciprocal parking privileges.

  • Will my VCU permit interfere with my E-Z Pass tag?

No. Although the E-Z Pass tag is also equipped with RFID technology, it reads at a different frequency from your VCU permit.

  • Why did we switch to RFID permits anyway?

Your RFID permit is a major component of the new hands free parking system being launched across VCU’s campus. In addition to hand free access, this new modernized, automated system will offer improved traffic flow, enhanced security, online flexibility and much more, ultimately helping us maximize and increase parking operation across the university.

  • I need to change my vehicle information. How do I do this?

To update vehicle information, you would go to manage my account on the parking website.  You also need to change your address in Banner.

  • Is my RFID permit removable?

Faculty and staff permits are repositionable and can be used in alternate vehicles. Student permits should not be removed, as doing this will damage the RFID chip.

  • Will there still be cash attendants at the visitor decks?

There will no longer be cash booths/attendants on the decks. All payment should be made at the pay-on-foot stations within the deck. Please note, only credit/debit will be accepted at the exit lane pay station. Cash is accepted at the pay stations located in the deck interior.

  • I am a registered parking subscriber, but I will be driving a different vehicle temporarily. How can I access my deck/lot?

Remember, all faculty/staff permits are repositionable. Student permits, however, cannot be removed. You can always use your VCUCard as a secondary credential to gain access into the decks. Additionally, everyone can print off a temporary parking permit from their online parking account to gain entry as well.

  • What happens if I get stuck in the entry/exit lane?

If the gates do not open or you forget your credentials and you cannot back out of the deck, please press the call button on the display/ticket dispenser to speak with a representative.

  • I have my permit installed. Now, how do I enter the gates?

Pull into the entry/exit lane of the parking deck and stop your vehicle with your driver side window in line with the Display/Ticket Dispenser. The RFID reader is located in front and above your vehicle on the left driver side and will read the signal from your permit on your windshield. There will be a slight delay of a couple of seconds while the reader channels your signal.

Do not move your car or tamper with your permit while this process is occurring, as it will delay the read. Once the display indicates that it’s clear to go, the parking deck gate will rise and you may proceed through the lane to your space. If for some reason the gate does not open, please refer to the instructional message on the reader. If needed, you may also press the call button to speak with a live representative.

  • If I have additional questions, who can I contact?

If you have any questions or require additional information regarding your parking permit or the new parking system, please contact Customer Service at or at 828-PARK (828-7275).




  • I’d like to use one of your visitor decks when visiting the university. How can I purchase parking?

Visitors are free to use any of our visitor decks for parking. All of these decks will be equipped with pay-on-foot stations. You will be required to take a ticket upon entering and will need to insert this ticket into any of our pay stations and proceed with payment upon leaving the deck. Please note, cash is only accepted at the pay stations located in the interior of the deck. The exit lanes will be credit only.

  • I lost my entry ticket, what do I do?

If you lose your ticket, you will be charged a lost ticket fee of $25.

  • What happens if I get stuck in the entry/exit lane?

If for some reason there is an issue in one of our lanes, please press the call button on the display/ticket dispenser to speak with a representative.

  • What types of payment are accepted at the pay stations?

Our pay stations located in the interior of the deck accept cash or credit. The exit lanes accept credit only.

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