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2017 Digital Media Bootcamp

The VCU School of Medicine will be hosting a digital media bootcamp on June 23, 2017 from 10am-4:15pm in the McGlothlin Medical Education Center. There will be a keynote presentation: Create presentations that captivate, inform, and inspire @12pm. Register here: There will be hands-on training sessions as well. More information is available on the iTeach […]

What do the Beatles and Teacher Appreciation Day have in common?

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day, a time to honor and celebrate the hard work and dedication of teachers across the nation. Just last week I learned of the death of a favorite high school teacher, and as saddened as I was to read her obituary it also served as a reminder of what made […]

Use this new smart search tool to find online learning resources

Merlot is a growing repository of free peer-reviewed online resources that can be added to your Blackboard course. Merlot search results will return learning materials in a number of different formats: animations, online lessons, PDF files, PowerPoint files, reference manuals, videos, and more. Just recently, Merlot extended their search functionality to include materials from other […]

Free online VoiceThread workshops

Once again, VoiceThread is offering free online workshops facilitated by George Haines, VT’s instructional designer and online educator.  Course descriptions and dates are listed below: Voice Thread Basics 1 – upload comment and share:  April 11 @ 7pm Voice Thread Basics 2 – groups and secure sharing:  April 18 @ 7pm Voice Thread Basics 3 […]

Exploring Active Learning in Large Academic Spaces

Mike Forder, Director of eLearning for VCU Nurse Anesthesia, created this resource when he worked at the VCU Alt lab.  The purpose of the site is to provide instructors of large classes with tools that can be used to integrate active learning technologies.  Visit the site to learn about instructional applications and best practices for engaging students […]

Technology options for student multimedia assignments

There are so many ways for students to create multimedia assignments that deciding what to have them use can be overwhelming.  View the video below for an overview of 3 free options:  Kaltura, VoiceThread and Adobe Spark. Created by SON IT using Adobe Spark Video


 VCU now subscribes to is available for use by VCU faculty, staff and students. Lynda is a leading online learning company that has thousands of tutorials aimed at teaching management skills, software, and creative skills to allow its members to achieve personal and professional goals. After completing a Lynda course, users will receive a […]

Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate had an overhaul and the new interface is called ultra.  The new interface is more intuitive, easier to use, and much easier for student and faculty collaboration. To get the full benefit of the Ultra Experience, it is recommended that users use Google Chrome for their web browser. More information about ultra is […]

Use VoiceThread in your Blackboard Course

Dr. Mary Kay Goldschmidt used VoiceThread in her community health course over the summer to enhance conversation and engagement in her class discussions. Dr. Goldschmidt stated that using the technology seemed to add to increased interactions within the class and an increased sense of community.  When asked about the technology, she was quite enthusiastic. If […]

Use Video in Your Course

A new feature in Blackboard is the ability to use video using Kaltura.  Kaltura is a cloud-based video management system that is available to VCU faculty, staff and students.  This system allows for you to create webcam video recordings, video quizzes or voice-over PowerPoint presentations that can be embedded within a Blackboard course or shared […]

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