screenshot of provider and patient

In April, Dr. Lana Sargent and other educators from Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing presented a de-prescribing workshop at the Virginia Geriatric Society Conference as part of a $10,000 grant award from the Geriatric Training and Education Initiative (GTE). Dr. Sargent approached SON IT with a rough sketch of an animation that she hoped to incorporate as part of her opening remarks for the talk. This drawing provided the perfect foundation on which to build a whiteboard animation. Sometimes referred to as “explainer videos,” whiteboard animations use the power of visual imagery, movement, and storytelling to engage learners and improve retention.  Following this workshop, Dr. Sargent and other members of the interprofessional team were asked to deliver the content to the Virginia Department of Corrections medical team of over 40 practitioners.

rough sketch of the animation
Dr. Sargent’s sketch

Dr. Sargent’s de-prescribing whiteboard animation can be viewed here.  Visit RSA Animate to view examples of other educational whiteboard videos.

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