The Cult of Pedagogy is a website dedicated entirely to teaching. The editor, Jennifer Gonzalez, taught middle school language arts for 7 years then moved to a university where she was hired to teach pre-service instructors. This experience fueled her interest in supporting other educators and led to the creation of this site that includes a blog, podcasts, videos and other instructional resources. She posts weekly in one of the three categories listed below:

Picture book lightbulb and heart
The Craft

Fine-tuning the art of teaching

  • Instruction
  • Classroom Management
  • Technology

Go Deep

Digging into the theory and thinking behind the practice

  • Learning Theory
  • Leadership
  • Career & PD
  • Book Reviews
  • Hot Topics

Teacher Soul

Examining the raw emotions of teaching

  • Attitude Adjustments
  • Working Together
  • Inspiration
  • Stories

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