By default, Kaltura videos are not available for download.  This does not pose a problem when students have an internet connection, but recently some with long commutes have asked to listen to Kaltura recordings offline.  SON IT took the request to VCU’s Learning Systems team, who worked with Kaltura to give instructors the ability to enable this feature.

Step 1:  Go to your Kaltura Media Gallery and set your Download preferences

  • In your course, click Tools > Media Gallery
  • If you don’t see your video, click the Add Media button.
  • Click on the video that you want students to be able to download.
  • Click the Actions button and select Edit
  • Click the Downloads tab and check Available Format options. Mobile is a good option for students who just want to be able to listen.  You can select any or all Download options.
  • Click Save

Step 2:  Test to make sure students have the download option

  • Click the Student Preview button at the top of the screen
  • Go to Tools > Media Gallery
  • Click on the video. The Download button should be visible.  Click the button to see the download options.
  • Exit Student Preview

Disclaimer:  The Download option is only available to students in the Media Gallery.  While you can still add your video to a specific area of the course, if you want students to be able to download it you need to include that information in the description.  Alternately, you can add a course link that takes them directly to the Media Gallery:

  1. Click Build Content > Course Link
  2. Click Browse
  3. Click Media Gallery (this will be near the bottom of the list)
  4. Change the default name, Media Gallery, to the name of your video
  5. Add an optional description
  6. Click Submit
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