VCU Libraries student worker reunion 2022

Last weekend, VCU Libraries welcomed back library student workers from the 1970s to 2019 for a reunion. Students shared memories and toured spaces old and new (don’t fear, apparently the library “still smells the same”). More than just a campus job, the library was a place of connections that continue long past graduation. Some former student workers now ride together on commuter trains as they work professional jobs in Washington, D.C., others spoke of library experiences influencing their eventual careers.

If you worked at VCU Libraries as a student, please let us know and save the date for the 2nd annual VCU Libraries Student Worker Reunion to be held on Saturday, June 3, 2023.

Student workers in the former 3rd floor Media Center at James Branch Cabell Library

Former student workers were asked to share favorite memories of working at VCU Libraries. Here are some of their responses:

Just all the people I met and helped in my job was great. It enriched my time at VCU. I Loved working in the Library.

Pretty much working for Ms. Guidarelli. Going to lunch with her every now and then and just being able to be at the library.

Working as the Affordable Course Content Student Ambassador opened me up to a whole new world of Library scholarship and activism, namely allowing me to be the Book Plug by sharing OpenStax links and other free and customizable course content at the various other roles I’ve worked since graduating.

Having the opportunity to use interesting equipment for digitizing led to me using that experience at the Library of Congress.

I was there 2010-2014 in the Innovative Media section. I love Ken [Hopson] and John [Birch] dearly and working for VCU Libraries was the highlight of VCU and honestly, my life.

I just wanted to say that libraries hold such a special place in my heart after working at both VCU’s and UVA’s library systems as an (under)grad student.

It was one of my favorite college experiences at that time!

VCU Cabell Library, Periodicals staff, ’76 or ’77. Carolyn Duckworth, Clay Vaughan, Diane Franklin, Standing; Lauri Luck, seated. Photo by Sandy Jensen

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