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End of Semester Reminders – Spring 2024

Fall 2024 Course Shells Available Now Training Opportunities Just-In-Time Support Spring 2024: Canvas Updates Final Grades We Appreciate your Feedback Carrying Over Incompletes to the Next Semester Greetings VCU Faculty, We hope everyone has had a successful Spring semester. Below you will find some items to consider while closing out your course as we head […]

The Benefits of Using Centrally Supported Tools

Oftentimes, instructors get overwhelmed by the hundreds of Canvas 3rd Party Tool options available to use in their courses. Canvas 3rd Party Tools are external apps that add functionality to a course which enhance course facilitation through the platform.  However, many of these tools are to be used ‘at your own risk’ with no real […]

Kaltura August Updates

Release notes 8/30 Kaltura embedding video issue within a Canvas course We have an on-going issue with embedding Kaltura videos in Canvas via RCE. Some users have experienced a bug with their course homepage being inserted instead of their Kaltura video within the RCE. This issue has not yet been resolved and currently Canvas support […]

Kaltura July Updates

Release notes 7/26 Authentication issues between Kaltura/Canvas *Resolved* We had an on-going issue with Kaltura videos in Canvas erroring out to an “Access Denied”, which once refreshed would randomly work or fail. Example: A Canvas course page with 10 Kaltura videos added through the RCE Kaltura embed option, out of those 10, 1-2 will typically […]

End of the 2021 Spring Semester Reminders

Greetings VCU Faculty, We hope your Spring 2021 semester has gone smoothly. Learning Systems would like to thank you for your continued support as we move forward through the final stage of our Blackboard to Canvas LMS transition. Here are some reminders of events and procedures that we’d like you to be aware of as […]

Kaltura April Updates

Kaltura Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE) Addition We have added Kaltura Media to the main options bar within the RCE. This widget is represented on the middle right hand side which allows you to embed your Kaltura content. Kaltura Quizzes in Canvas/Blackboard There have been multiple reported issues with Kaltura Quizzes within Canvas or Blackboard. […]

KAMP: Using Kaltura Analytics to Continuously Improve Student Engagement

Come learn the power of analytics. This session will help faculty and designers understand how their videos are being watched as well as how to use these analytics to improve student engagement. April 8, 2021 2 pm – Register Here

Kaltura March Updates

Kaltura Capture local recording file location change Locating your Personal Capture recordings has just become easier with the addition of the current recoding directory folder now displayed in the settings tab. If you do not see this option in your settings you may need to update your Kaltura Capture program by reinstalling it from MediaSpace. […]

Kaltura February Updates

New Tool Alert – Captions Alignment ToolThis Captions Alignment Tool will allow you to upload a transcript file that will sync with your audio and play as closed captions on your media. Zoom to Kaltura IssuesSome Zoom cloud recordings have failed to upload into Kaltura over this past month. If you have experienced this issue, […]

Kaltura’s February 2021 Featured Webinar

KAMP: Using Video in the Fully Online Environment for Improved Personalization and Student Engagement Feb 11, 2021 at 2:00PM EST – Register Faculty and instructional designers will come to understand and use Kaltura video in the online course environment. This session will provide ideas on how video can improve online course design for video lectures, […]

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