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Release notes 8/30

Kaltura embedding video issue within a Canvas course

We have an on-going issue with embedding Kaltura videos in Canvas via RCE. Some users have experienced a bug with their course homepage being inserted instead of their Kaltura video within the RCE.

This issue has not yet been resolved and currently Canvas support is investigating. If you are encountering this issue or have any further questions/concerns, please contact us at lsrequest@vcu.edu

Upcoming Kaltura Training/Workshops/Webinars

  • KAMP: Providing Multiple Means of Representation in Universal Design for Learning (UDL) – September 9th, 2021Register

Kaltura within Canvas resources

With the recent Blackboard decommissioning, we have some useful resources for using Kaltura within your new Canvas course. This can be found here. If you have any other questions regarding our Kaltura integration with Canvas, please contact us at lsrequest@vcu.edu

Visit our Kaltura askIT page for more information, instructions and features.

If you have a Kaltura feature request, please submit your request to this Kaltura Feature Request form.

Encounter an issue? Have a Kaltura related question? Need some guidance for your Kaltura use case? Please feel free to email us at lsrequest@vcu.edu

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