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Classic Quizzes End of Life

Starting in July 2022, the default quizzing function in Canvas will be “New Quizzes”. “Classic Quizzes” will not be available after December 2022.

Rest assured, anything previously created in Classic Quizzes will still be available; however, all newly created quizzes will use the New Quizzes platform.

Classic Quizzes vs New Quizzes

“Classic Quizzes” is currently the default tool enabled in all Canvas courses. Faculty do have the ability to enable the “New Quizzes” option in their individual courses.

Enable New Quizzes under Course Settings, Feature Previews, and then select enable. 


This Quiz Comparison Chart shows the current functionality available in Classic Quizzes compared to the functionality in New Quizzes. You will also be able to see any new functionality added to New Quizzes along with the implementation timeline.

Also on the roadmap are known issues that Canvas engineers are working on. These issues are posted in the Canvas knowledgebase. Information and status about a grade synchronizing issue and workaround discovered by VCU instructors can be found in the VCU askIT knowledge base.  

Migrating Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes

While previously created Classic Quizzes will still be intact, there is an option to convert your Classic Quiz over to the New Quizzes format.

This can be done by navigating to the quiz you would like to migrate, clicking on the 3 vertical dots menu, and selecting Migrate.

While the migration is in progress, you will see a quiz with the same title start to form and a large blue “loading” icon circling beside it.

Once completed, you will see a new version of the quiz with the same title in the New Quizzes format. The rocket ship icon that is outlined in black indicates a Classic Quiz, whereas, the rocket ship icon colored in black indicates the New Quizzes format.

For further information about New Quizzes in Canvas, please see the VCU New Quizzes askIT pages.

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