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Release notes 7/26

Authentication issues between Kaltura/Canvas *Resolved*

We had an on-going issue with Kaltura videos in Canvas erroring out to an “Access Denied”, which once refreshed would randomly work or fail.

Example: A Canvas course page with 10 Kaltura videos added through the RCE Kaltura embed option, out of those 10, 1-2 will typically encounter this problem at random upon a refresh. So it was about a 10-20% chance of error, and it wasn’t dependent on the amount of videos on a single page. This was an authorization failure between Kaltura & Canvas.

This issue has since been resolved, and all embedded videos should not encounter this problem. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at lsrequest@vcu.edu.

Upcoming Kaltura Training/Workshops/Webinars

  • Kaltura User Group Conference – July 29th, 2021Register
  • Videos and Canvas Media Storage – August 3rd, 2021 – Register

Kaltura within Canvas resources

With the recent Blackboard decommissioning, we have some useful resources for using Kaltura within your new Canvas course. This can be found here. If you have any other questions regarding our Kaltura integration with Canvas, please contact us at lsrequest@vcu.edu

Visit our Kaltura askIT page for more information, instructions and features.

If you have a Kaltura feature request, please submit your request to this Kaltura Feature Request form.
Encounter an issue? Have a Kaltura related question? Need some guidance for your Kaltura use case? Please feel free to email us at lsrequest@vcu.edu.

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