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Echo360 experiencing Alternate Login page issues

Echo360 (echo360.org) is experiencing a disruption with its alternative login page for EMEA customers. This appears to be affecting us as well. Learning Systems opened a ticket with the vendor a couple of hours ago and we’re waiting for a response. Until then, please keep an eye on status.echo360.com

Lecture Capture transition – detailed timeline posted

Learning Systems has posted a timeline for the Lecture Capture transition at VCU. It is designed to help users and departmental stakeholders better understand the transition away from Echo360 as a centrally supported lecture capture option from Academic Technologies. Kaltura (and Cattura Capturecast hardware) will now be supported for all things lecture capture. Please direct any questions or requests […]

Echo360 Service Disruption

Echo360 Status Current Status: Service Disruption Started: 4/17/2019 7:00am We are investigating a service disruption impacting our Echo360.  We will have another update as soon as possible. Kind Regards, Learning Systems

Echo360 Service Disruption – RESOLVED

Echo360 Status Current Status: Operational Started: 9/14/2018 12:04pm (+0000) Resolved: Echo360 support has identified and addressed a root cause for the Echo360 service disruption. Service has been restored and we are monitoring the system at this time. Kind Regards, Learning Systems Echo360 Status Current Status: Service Disruption Started: 9/14/2018 9:04am We are continuing to investigate a service […]

Echo360 Updates (EchoSystem and Echo360 Cloud)

Update (4/17/18): The EchoSystem Server Upgrade has been rescheduled for Friday, 4/20 at 5:30AM. Thank you! Please note the reminders and updates below: EchoSystem Server Upgrade – Yes, one final upgrade to the EchoSystem Server will be applied that will address some minor issues with the content migration tool for EchoCloud and EchoCenter link issues. This update […]

Echo360 – EchoPlayer Update

Hello VCU Faculty and Staff, We just wanted to provide a quick note to those using the legacy EchoSystem Server application and player… Support for the capture discussions feature in the EchoPlayer has been officially shut down by the vendor. As a result, the discussions “app” has been disabled in the EchoPlayer and will no longer […]

Echo360 Performance Issues – COMPLETED

EchoSystem Server has been having issues this week where it would become unresponsive and eventually stop working. While streaming and processing was mostly unaffected, logging into the server and working would eventually come to a halt, requiring a restart. I’m happy to say we have discovered the issue, which will be fixed today at 1:30pm […]

Echo360 Accessibility Issues – Resolved

Starting Sunday, November 19, around 12:24 PM, the EchoSystem Server started having intermittent errors, bringing the ESS down. It was down again around 8PM the same evening. The ESS is now back up and running, but we’re keeping an eye on it. Thank you for your patience. Updated – 11/19/2017 10:00pm

Echo360 Slowness and Accessibility Issues – Resolved

Learning Systems is doing an emergency restart of the EchoSystem Server. Echo360 is currently having slowness and accessibility issues. 10 AM – Echo360 is back up and running.

EchoSystem Server outage this Friday (10/20) at 10PM

Learning Systems is working with the University Computer Center to move all Echo360 content to new NAS storage. This will require a downtime, starting this Friday (10/20) at 10PM, ending at 4AM Saturday morning. Thank you for your patience during this important content migration.

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