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Beginning of Semester Reminder – Fall 2021

Greetings VCU Faculty, Welcome back! We hope everyone had a wonderful summer. As of May 31, 2021 Blackboard has been decommissioned and 100% of the VCU online courses are now being taught on the new Canvas LMS. If for some reason you missed the opportunity to retrieve your content from Blackboard, please visit the Did […]

End of the 2021 Spring Semester Reminders

Greetings VCU Faculty, We hope your Spring 2021 semester has gone smoothly. Learning Systems would like to thank you for your continued support as we move forward through the final stage of our Blackboard to Canvas LMS transition. Here are some reminders of events and procedures that we’d like you to be aware of as […]

Preparation for Blackboard Decommissioning

Blackboard System-Level Export and Archive Processes Retrieving Course Exports After Blackboard has Gone Away All Blackboard courses will be exported and stored on an external server. These exports contain course content only, meaning no student content, grades, enrollments, etc. Instructors who need access to Blackboard course materials, should submit a request to Learning Systems by emailing canvas@vcu.edu. In the […]

Beginning of the Semester Reminders

Greetings VCU Faculty, As we begin the Spring 2021 semester, please remember that by May 31, 2021, 100% of VCU online courses will use Canvas. Blackboard will not be available after May 31, 2021.  All courses previously in Blackboard, as well as new courses will use Canvas, starting with the Summer 2021 semester.  Last year […]

Kaltura Performance Issues and Infrastructure Changes this Weekend (8/29/20)

Hello from Learning Systems, We hope this message finds you well. Kaltura MediaSpace, their integration servers for Blackboard and Canvas, as well as the Kaltura Management Server have all been experiencing intermittent outages over the last week. Our team has been in contact with the vendor and they have stated that several changes are being […]

Mid-Summer Communication – Blackboard Faculty

Greetings Blackboard Faculty, As we move towards the Fall Semester at VCU, faculty are facing many challenges with teaching both in the classroom and online. Added to that is the challenge of switching to a new Learning Management System – Canvas. Learning Systems is here to help! Here is an information brief about what is […]

Blackboard’s SaaS/Continuous Delivery Update – February 2020

As you know, we recently migrated to Blackboard Learn SaaS Q4 2019 (3700.0.0). This means Blackboard Learn is hosted, delivered, and managed using a modern cloud-computing infrastructure as the environment for our software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment.  Easy updates, without interruptions.Users will experience the most recent version of Blackboard Learn without significant downtime or service interruptions. For end […]

End of Semester Email to Blackboard Faculty – Fall 2019

Greetings Blackboard Faculty, We hope your Fall 2019 is finishing out nicely and Learning Systems would like to extend a heartfelt Happy Holidays. Here are some reminders of events, Blackboard system updates, and procedures that we’d like you to be aware of while you’re finishing out the Fall 2019 term. Also notice that you still […]

Blackboard SaaS Migration – December 19, 2019 at 8am to December 21, 2019 at 8pm

More information about the move to Blackboard SaaS can be found here: Blackboard Migration – December 19th, 2019

Upcoming Impact to SCORM with Google Chrome Version 80

NOTE: The Google Chrome team is postponing the changes until version 80.   There isn’t a release date for version 80 yet but based on their release cadence, it could be available in January.  On October 22, 2019, Google Chrome will release version 78 of Chrome to users which removes key functions that may impact a user’s ability to […]

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