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If you are interested in Open Educational Resources (OER), this Möbius + OpenStax Webinar on engaging STEM content is for you!

In partnership with OpenStax, we’re hosting a webinar about Transforming STEM Content with Engaging Course Content. This webinar will take place on September 26th, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. EDTClick on this link to register.

Discover the new best practices for optimizing STEM lessons and homework using OpenStax Calculus Content with the digital learning platform Möbius. Learn how to engage your students and provide practical learning opportunities by offering extra practice, homework, and assessments with constructive feedback. In this webinar, you’ll see examples of course materials as you’ve never seen them before. Find out how to quickly author and edit similar materials to create templated or custom learning assets as you need them.

Even if you can’t attend live, you can still register to receive a session recording. We hope to see you there!

About Möbius + OpenStax

Covering a variety of disciplines, OpenStax provides easy access to professional quality textbooks no matter your background or socioeconomic status. Though OpenStax is a solid offering, we understand that no two STEM courses are identical. Student outcomes and expectations differ from school to school; each educator has a unique teaching style, and syllabi are distinct. So, how do you adopt the best OER textbooks for STEM without having any restrictions in adapting the materials to your own needs?

DigitalEd is happy to announce that we’ve transformed STEM OpenStax textbooks for the Möbius environment to provide you with a solid jumping-off point to get going with creating and delivering your STEM content.When you adopt OpenStax textbooks through Möbius, you get instant access to expert-level STEM content, which showcases what optimal course materials should look like to ensure you understand the best practices for creating and delivering STEM resources. Not only does this content offer a foundation for offering a complete STEM course that you can accentuate with your own authored content, but you can even modify the OpenStax content to suit the needs of your curriculum.

Check out OpenStax Calculus Volume 1Volume 2, and Volume 3 to see how we’ve taken the material to the next level while at the same time giving you limitless power to make the content perfectly aligned with your curriculum and student expectations.


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