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VoiceThread has recently released the New Assignments feature. Users have the option to switch to this new feature now and those who have not yet done so will automatically be upgraded on June 30, 2021.

New Assignments has tons of awesome features including these highly-requested options:

Commenting in the Student Gallery
The Student Gallery is where students can view their classmates’ submitted VoiceThreads in a “Create” assignment. Now students can reply to comments on their own VoiceThread submissions, allowing them to respond to classmate questions or feedback.

Detailed Watch Assignments
Students must watch every single comment and slide in a VoiceThread to submit a “Watch” assignment. We’ve added detailed feedback for them so they can see exactly which ones they have not yet watched. This is available right within the assignment requirements list they see on the right side of their page.

Reminder Tracking
If you send your students a reminder to submit their assignment, you can now send a copy of that email to yourself, as well. There is a checkbox for this option right where you customize your reminder email. The copy you receive will also list the students to whom it was sent so you can keep a record of who has already been alerted.

For more information on how to enable New Assignments , as well as, an instructor and student guides, visit the VoiceThread page.

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