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New Tool Alert – Captions Alignment Tool
This Captions Alignment Tool will allow you to upload a transcript file that will sync with your audio and play as closed captions on your media.

Zoom to Kaltura Issues
Some Zoom cloud recordings have failed to upload into Kaltura over this past month. If you have experienced this issue, please email kalturahelp@vcu.edu and we will work with you to upload those recordings.

Kaltura Capture VCU Policies Frozen Screen
Many users have reported an issue with their Kaltura Capture program being stuck at a window requesting to accept our VCU policies. This issue has been resolved on newer versions of Kaltura Capture. If you are experiencing this issue, you will need to remove Kaltura Capture from your system and reinstall a new version from vcu.mediaspace.kaltura.com

Upcoming Kaltura Training/Workshops/Webinars

  • CTLE Kaltura Workshop for Exploring Advanced Kaltura Features – March 4, 2021 – Register
  • Kaltura Webinar for Creating Interactive Video Opportunities That Provide Active Learning – March 11, 2021Register

Visit our Kaltura askIT page for more information, instructions and features.

If you have a Kaltura feature request, please submit your request to this Kaltura Feature Request form.

Encounter an issue? Have a Kaltura related question? Need some guidance for your Kaltura use case? Please feel free to email us at kalturahelp@vcu.edu

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