Category: Spotlight

‘You’re coming here to feel better’

David Gallagher wears a colorful blazer as he stands beneath a large, lit sign proclaiming "love."

The founding partner of Tang and Biscuit, a large indoor shuffleboard social club, says his business isn’t actually about shuffleboard.

The art of the unraveled

A photograph of Heidi Hooper sits in the foreground. In the background is a partial view of her work "Catatonic."

Heidi Hooper (B.F.A.’81/A) was a metalsmith working and teaching classes in the late ’90s in Boston before a cancerous tumor destroyed the strength of her right arm. She searched for a way she could still create but even working with material such as soft clay was painful. “In order to keep from getting too depressed, each day I gave myself something new to try, whether it was artistic or just cooking an egg,” Hooper says. This experimentation led her to the artistic medium that has made her famous: dryer lint.

Deeply Rooted

Former AAAC presidents honored during reunion weekend in 1997.

Chartered in 1989, the VCU Alumni African-American Alumni Council has supported the success of African-American students from their first days on campus to graduation and beyond for nearly 30 years.

Refined movement

Kara Robertson (B.F.A.'16/A) instructs her dancers during choreography practice.

In the days leading up to Karar Dance Co.’s October production, “Across Disciplines,” 24-year-old Kara Robertson (B.F.A.’16/A), the company’s artistic director, doesn’t seem anxious at all. She’s focused.