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VCU hits new milestone with $310M in sponsored research funding

Combined awards for sponsored research programs totaled $310,216,377, representing a jump of 14.6% from VCU’s $271 million in funding from the previous fiscal year.

VCU will lead $50M study of traumatic brain injuries in military personnel

The Long-term Impact of Military-relevant Brain Injury Consortium (LIMBIC) will study the ongoing health impacts of combat concussions, such as those from blasts, bullets and hand-to-hand fighting as well as vehicle accidents, sports injuries and falls.

Fulbright scholar develops technology to bring independence to people with disabilities

When Shawn Joshi (B.S.’12/H&S; B.S.’12/En) was 14, his brother suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. Joshi was able to find technological solutions for the family’s day-to-day life, and has carried that idea with him to this day. “While I never saw medical science perform any miracles for his condition, I would say there have been remarkable technologies […]